Welcome to the Challenger League! We are so excited to have new people join our family.  We like to use a term around here PLU "PEOPLE LIKE US".  We hope you are ready to make friends and watch your children enjoy everyday activities that they have wanted to participate in yet didn't know if they could or should.  We are here for you to make friends and push your child out of his or her comfort zone. We love watching the kids gain confidence and make friends.  Please start with filling out the database.  Then you can move through the registration of all of our upcoming activities.  






Our connection clubs provide a monthly outing for our Challenger kids! These are nights out for the boys club and the girls club. The focus of these events will be to experience unique opportunities out in the community. The participants get to hang out and enjoy each others’ company. This crew brings the fun wherever they go, and this fall the activities are even more amped up, providing varied age-appropriate, memorable events for our connection clubs to explore. Whether it’s learning to bake, attending local theater productions around town, simply sharing a delicious meal together or the girls enjoying a spa day, each connection club event is a guaranteed wild and fun occasion.

We offer this for our kids ages 10 and up.  The boys club will be the Challenger Crew and will meet once a month.  Kathleen Fiorito will be the head of the boys crew and has lots of fun adventures. 

The girls club will meet with Starla Brokamp and the details of the girls club are still brewing!!  Girls ages 10 and up are welcome to sign up! 

Kids clubs for ages 4-9 will meet once a month for fun social outings and time to make friends and be apart of cool adventures!! Sign up now! 



Registration for the Fall of 2017 which will be held Mid October through Mid November. Games will be in Leesburg on Park St. Our kickball program has quickly become on of the player's favorites.  The players and buddies always have a great time in kickball. If you are new to the league and have not tried a sport yet, we believe kickball would be a great place to start!



Registration now open for the Fall 2017 Football team! Camp will be held at The Pointe Methodist Church from 6:00-7:00 on Sept 11th-15 at the Pointe Field located on Cedric Road Street near Carter's Chicken. This will be a safe, non contact camp and we will all fave fun! It'does not begin until September 11th, but please go ahead and sign up when you can! Registration is now open!



Registration for Wrestling Skills Camp which will be held in January of 2018. Coach Matheney and his talented wrestlers will teach the basics of wrestling to our Challengers. There will be very minimal contact, and everyone has a great time. This camp is held in Leesburg.



We are getting certified to offer adapative swimming lessons for our special needs kids.  We are excited to offer the only certified program in the South East  


Registration is open for Sundays Skills camp Spring and Summer or 2017


Registration open for the team starting in August 2017  




   This is registration for the Spring 2017 Season.  Ages 6 and up.  We usually have one practice a week and usually games on Saturday. We will Start Practices late in March and games will be Starting April 15 and go for 6 weeks - No need to worry if you cannot make all games or practices.  But the practices are the times the kids build friendships and bonds with their buddy and other team mates.   Our T-ball league games will be played in Leesburg at the recreational fields on Park Street behind the Leesburg Library. The majority of games will be scheduled for Saturday mornings, but there will be a few games on Tuesday nights as well. Each team will practice once a week at the practice fields next to The Pointe Methodist Church located at 238 Cedric St. in Leesburg. The game rules were set up in order to promote fairness and good sportsmanship. We do not keep score, there are no outs, and each player bats off of a tee every inning. Batting helmets may be worn, but are not required. Teams will be provided with bats and balls, but the league does not provide gloves. Any player that needs assistance will be provided with a “Buddy” to help them throughout the games and practice. Our goal is to try and play at least three innings in each game. After the game is over, coaches will line up their teams in the infield and get the players ready to shake hands. 


Our Mission

Challenger League believes that all individuals have the right to experience life to its fullest potential and to have full recognition of his/her dignity and individuality. Challenger League provides children with developmental and physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in athletic and social events, develop lasting relationships among their peers, coaches and parents, and show them they are an important part of their community by creating an environment of inclusion for both their kids and their parents.


  • "Our son Wes has Autism. The Challenger League has been a blessing to our son as it has given him opportunities I feel otherwise would not be readily available. He is a smart, energetic boy with so much to offer and has been able to become more involved because of the Challenger League. We also love the Challenger League's promotion of special needs in the community and feels it brings more awareness and education."
    Heather Hood Johnson
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